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Psi Beta caps off year at WPA Annual Meeting

Psi Beta WPA Conference Group Photo

Irvine Valley College’s chapter of the National Honor Society in Psychology, Psi Beta capped off the year in research by traveling with 32 students to the Western Psychological Association Annual Meeting, held in Sacramento April 27-30. The event offered students the opportunity to present their research at a joint Psi Chi/Psi Beta poster session.  Students also interacted with and discussed their research with psychology professionals from around the western region including Dr. Phil Zimbardo of Stanford Prison Experiment fame.

Students were required to submit abstracts of their projects in January, and only the top work was accepted.  Nine posters were submitted and they were all accepted for presentation, giving Irvine Valley College the largest contingent of researchers at the conference.

The successful research titles were: “Single-Channel ERP Analysis for Efficient, Affordable Neuroimaging”, “Eye Motion and the Interpretation of Ambiguous Stimuli in Black and White Versus Color”, “Enhancing Student Learning and Decreasing Test Anxiety Through Practice Testing”, “Drawing the Line Between Appreciation and Gratitude”, “Bilinguals v. Monolinguals Reading Span”, “Vagal Tone and the Psychophysiological Effects of Yogic Breathing”, “An Examination of the Potential Factors that Contribute to the Depletion of Cognitive Function”,” The Effect of Varying Visual Stimuli in Moral Judgement”, and “The Examination of the Relationship between the Frequency of Instagram Use and Self-Esteem”, which also won third place in the poster competition at HTCC for Ketana Chadalavada, Elise Ulwelling, Niandra Lim, Anahita Mohammadi, Mina Bigdeli.

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