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Record Number of IVC Honors Program Students Present at Annual Conference

HTTC 2018

Students from Irvine Valley College’s (IVC) Honors Program attended the 18th Annual Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC) Student Research Conference held at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) on April 7. This multidisciplinary conference, sponsored by UCI and the HTCC, showcases outstanding faculty-mentored research by students from California community colleges, with a focus on Honors Program students.

IVC’s group of 71 presenters was the largest in the history of the conference, which featured over 375 student presenters from 35 colleges. IVC students presented research in diverse areas including anthropology, art history, biology, computer science, economics, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, political science, psychology, and sociology.

IVC students took home some of the conference’s top awards. The $500 first-place poster award in sciences went to Ryan Rafi for his project entitled “Radiation Emitted via Cell Phones and the Impact on Health,” a project completed for Biology 1 Honors and mentored by Associate Professor of Biology Stephanie Tanio.

IVC Honors Program student Khalid Yasseen, who presented two projects mentored at IVC, was also awarded one of four $500 Outstanding Abstract Awards for work completed at Saddleback College. In addition, Khalid received a research recognition by UCI, which will result in a $500 research grant award should he transfer to UCI.

Students Marissa Anderson and Nur Kirandag were also honored with HTCC Exemplary Achievement Awards and $250 for their outstanding academic success and contributions to the IVC Honors Program.

IVC wishes to recognize the following faculty members for their mentorship of the student research projects: Michael Cassens, Mark Collinson, Meredith Dorner, Joon Kil, Jennifer Lee, Chris Loeffler, Lewis Long, Benjamin Mis, Kurt Meyer, Benjamin Mis, Zahra Noroozi, Lan Pham, Jerry Rudmann, Kay Ryals, Virginia Shank, Alec Sim, Stepanie Tanio, Kari Tucker, and Justin Wright.

A full list of IVC presenters is below. Congratulations to all of the IVC student researchers!

Poster Presentations

  • Zoya Ansari, Attack Ads: Their Categorization & Effect On American Presidential Elections
  • Rasa Borhan, Parsa Kamalipour, Arshia Mirjafari, and Sina Sobhani, Analysis of Dermatological Lesions Using Intelligent Systems
  • Edward Chang and Karen Saghieh, Cognitive Dissonance: Mathematical Modeling of Inconsistent Lies
  • Marianne Chavez, Facial Recognition and Spatial Attention of Own-Race Faces: An Eye Tracker Study
  • Armin Dehkordi and Sana Ilyas, Shifting Climates in Vulnerable Nations: Atmospheric Changes in Regional Pakistan
  • Kimia Rezaeizadeh , Parinaz Esteghamat Tehrani, and Rozhin Pishvaiy, The Effectiveness of Knocking Out Stress-Inducible Mig6 in Pancreatic Beta Cells of Mice
  • Erika Hoffman, Lost Knowledge and Technologies: The Funding Problems in Astronomy
  • Nathalie Jahangiri, A Cosmetic Brain: The Ethics of Cosmetic Cognitive Enhancement
  • Adam Lampe, Drinking Away Success: The Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Young People
  • Iris Mecartney, Mechanical Properties of Elastic Polymers
  • Shawna Nguyen and Haruka Tabuchi, The Study of Motion: Universal Law of Gravitation and Its Effect on Trajectory 
  • Ryan Rafi, Radiation Emitted via Cell Phones and the Impact on Health
  • Tannaz Razzaghi, BPA in Plastics: A Toxin Promoting Cancer
  • Elisabeth Ritz and Natalie Tucker, The Hidden Benefits of an Honors Program: The Search for Reasons Why Eligible Students Should Participate in an Honors Society
  • Natalie Tucker, Butting Heads: Freedom of Religion and Child Safety
  • Khalid Yasseen, Pharmacoeconomics: The Economic Effect of Brand-name Loss of Exclusivity and Generic Entry

Oral Presentations

  • Rami Abdulaban, Armin Dehkordi, Pardis Habibi, Predram Heidarpour, Sana Ilyas, Darian Primer, and Wesley Swanson, Correlating Impulse with the Magnitude of Impact: An Integrated Hardware and Software Approach
  • Yasmeen Allie, The Geriatric Jigsaw: Solutions to Alleviate the Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Marissa Anderson, The Antigen of Truth: Inoculating Anti-Vaccine Proponents to Treat an Epidemic of Misinformation
  • Marissa Anderson, Audrey Lim, Mohammad Qahoush, and Samyar Seifollahi, Trigger Warning!: Restricting Speech on College Campuses May be Hazardous to Students
  • Alara Blofield, Anusha Rao, and Alicia Wells, Fearlessness: Manipulating Vagus Nerve and Facial Muscle Activity to Reduce the Psychological Experience of Fear
  • Caden Burchianti, Sustainable Energy Reliance in the United States and France
  • Angelica Busciglio, Selen Dikici, Josephine Tjitra, Effects of Personality on Eye Motion and Interpretation of Ambiguous Stimuli
  • Helena Chang, Social Media and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in Relation to Self-Esteem and Personality
  • David Cruse, A Comparative Analysis of Elected Women in Rwanda and the United States
  • Aryanna Dashtgerd, The Effect of Inflammatory Anti-Abortion Propaganda on Women’s Reproductive Health Rights and Accessibility
  • Danielle DeVinney, Kierstin Livermore, Edward Yevdayev, Mina Bigdeli, and Kajsa Sibley, A Feasibility Study: Student Mentorship Using Cognitive Strategies to Improve Student Success Outcomes in First-Year Students
  • Risa Goto, The Invisible Wound: An Evaluation of the Efficacy of Childhood Trauma Interventions
  • Robert Hayden III, From Spaniard and Indian, Mestizo: Eighteenth-Century Casta Paintings as Images of Gene Flow and Social Hierarchy in New Spain
  • Angela Ibasitas and Julie Nguyen, Wisdom of Crowds: Can Uninformed Individuals Predict the Stock Market
  • Lara Nur Kirandag, Misattribution of Music Arousal as It Pertains to Sexual Attraction and Fear
  • David Laub, When I Grow Up . . . : Parenting and Education as Mechanisms for Upward Mobility
  • Kierstin Livermore, Mina Bigdeli , Kajsa Sibley, Edward Yevdayev, and Joshua Thomason, The Effects of Parenting Characteristics on Anxiety, Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation in College Students
  • Lidia McCarter, Decoding Gratitude and Appreciation
  • Annie Meraj, Can the Smell of Dirty Socks Erase Memory?: A Pilot Study on the Effects of Pungent Odor on Working Memory
  • Milad Noori, Hand Control
  • Jose Perez, Autonomic Responses To Affective Stimuli: A Study On Physiological Indicators Of Psychopathy
  • Nancy Rich Villa, I Have a Name and It's Not "Crazy" - The Stigma Associated with the Label "Mental Illness"
  • Sara Safa, Mindset Belief
  • Amy Santa Maria, Lost in Translation: The Causes of First-Language (L1) Attrition
  • Ariana Sarkhosh, College Loans for Lower-Income Students: Helping or Hindering?
  • Kathleen Stephen, What In the World Are You Listening To?: The Impact of Plasticity and Wiring of the Brain on Musical Preferences
  • Amanda Tan, Misconceptions of Photovoltaic Solar Energy: An Environmental and Economic Lens
  • Valeria Villa, Deceitful Perception: The Advertisement of Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Khalid Yasseen, Bethany Houalla, Glayol Kashani, and Taylor Khan, Antidepressant Efficacy: A Meta-Analysis of the Effect Size of Five Common Antidepressants

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