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Communications Studies Chair lectures in China on 17-day trip

Communication Studies Chair lecturing in China 

​Gary Rybold, Chair of the Department of Communication Studies, traveled through China during his 2018 summer break to lecture on the Irvine Valley College Project, an activity-oriented pedagogy developed by the department for public speaking courses.

At his first stop in the 17-day trip, the Foreign Language Teacher Research and Press (FLTRP) hosted a two-day workshop in DaXing at their corporate conference center. The workshop was attended by 180 participants from 93 universities and 32 provinces.  

Dr. Sun YouZhong began the workshop with a 90-minute lecture on the state of critical thinking in China. Dr. Sun is the President of the English Language Teaching Association. 

Dr. Rybold’s ten-hour portion of the workshop treated teachers as if they were students in a Communication Fundamentals class. Participants received concepts on everything from critical thinking as a system to organizing and delivering speeches. Activities dominated each module with teachers writing short papers and speeches. 

After the weekend, Professor Rybold flew to Changchun to conduct three, two-hour workshops at both Northeast Normal University and Jilin University. Jilin is the largest university in China with 90,000 students and 10,000 teachers. The workshops focused on critical thinking, organization and delivery. One-hundred-fifty students from both campuses actually gave speeches on days two and three. 

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