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Renata Bath: Coach on the Court

By: Katie Chappell

Team Captain of IVC's volleyball team, Renata Bath

You could say volleyball is in Renata (pronounced HAY-nata) Bath’s DNA. As the daughter of a competitive volleyball player turned physical therapist of the Brazil national volleyball team, the IVC sophomore grew up surrounded by the sport. While her parents were careful not to pressure her into it, and offered other extracurriculars, Renata started playing at the age of eight and came to love - and excel on - the court.

Her family moved to San Diego during Renata’s senior year of high school. She had always known she wanted to play college volleyball in the US. But after she arrived, she realized she had a journey before she could land a position on a college team.

The process was overwhelming - navigating the U.S. high school education system, helping to be a language interpreter for her family, investigating athletic departments and beginning college applications. She had already missed some key deadlines.

Fortunately, a friend of the family knew of Tom Pestolesi, Irvine Valley College’s head volleyball coach. He recommended she take a look at the IVC volleyball program.

Renata came up to Irvine to tour the campus and meet the athletic department staff and coaches. She could tell that IVC was a place she would grow personally and academically.

“When I came to the campus, I was like ‘wow’,” Renata said. “They had a really close community here.”

But, she was torn. She had her heart set on UCLA.

Pesto, as the team affectionately refers to the head coach, is always looking for student athletes who prioritize their academics and are responsible and mature. Because of their program’s stress on academics, Pestolesi says they draw students who are serious about both their sport and their studies.

“Our best recruitment is word of mouth,” Pestolesi said. “We first and foremost look for good humans, and Renata is on it. She works hard, gets great grades, and takes care of everything that needs to get done. As great a volleyball player as Renata is, she is a better student and a better friend.”

Two weeks before the semester started in Fall of 2017, Renata registered for classes and committed to playing volleyball as a Laser.

A Coach on the Court

Renata (in pink) celebrates with her teammates

Her volleyball resume is impressive. Co-Most Valuable Player of the Orange Empire Conference. All-State for California Community Colleges. Second team All-American. Sophomore Renata is a great athlete. Her accomplishments also include helping her team achieve a 45-match win streak and earn two conference titles, two trips to the state championships and one state title. She seems to take this all in stride.

“I’m just really grateful to have been on this amazing team,” Renata said. “We were all on the same page, cheering for each other. We didn’t let it get to our head.”

On the court, the libero is usually the least flashy position, but Renata proved to be the team’s quarterback. Her high volleyball IQ, talent and attitude won her the spot as the team captain this past season.

“Her leadership is exactly what you want as a coach,” Pestolesi said. “She leads by example, she is positive and she has incredible attention to detail.”

This year, Renata’s goal as captain was to make sure that her teammates focused on their current success and didn’t feel compared to previous years’ teams.

“We weren’t scared to lose – we just wanted to keep winning,” she said.

And the Lasers did keep winning, ending the season with a 20-1 record and a solid showing at the state championships, getting finally beat out in a heart-breaker during the state championship semi-finals in December.

A19I0356.jpg A19I5602.jpg

Dreams for the Future

Despite her obvious skill (and some full-ride athletic scholarships on the table), volleyball may not play a lead role in Renata’s future. As talented and focused a volleyball player as Renata is, she is an even better student. When she finishes up her A.A. degree in anthropology at IVC in May, she plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences, while working on pre-med requirements.

Her ultimate goal? To become a pediatric oncologist.

Renata’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when Renata was a young child. She doesn’t remember most of the experience, and her mother recovered, but it developed in her a curiosity to understand the disease. When her mother was diagnosed with another bout of cancer last year, it confirmed for her she wants to work hard to eradicate the disease that’s impacted her family so much.

She also loves children.

“It’s unfair for children at such a young age to be so sick and not be able to experience life,” Renata said. “And I just wish I could help. And the only way I can think to do that is to continue to study, explore and try to find a cure for it.”

She has her sights set on some top medical programs and has prioritized her academic future over her athletic one.

“My dream of becoming a doctor is so big and I want it so much,” she said. “If the reason I don’t get to continue my other dream of playing volleyball is that I get to become a doctor, I would be so happy.”

Renata with her family, who emigrated from Brazil two years ago

IVC: The Right Choice

With so many hard classes and two demanding volleyball seasons, Renata says the faculty have been understanding and supportive. Some have even attended team games. She is grateful for her experience at IVC, and as she enters her last semester at the college, she has no regrets.

“If I could tell a student who was thinking about coming to Irvine Valley College anything, I would say don’t create stereotypes in your head,” Renata said. “Give it a try. Because I gave it a try, and I don’t regret it all. It’s not about where you start, but how much you’re willing to work hard and put in effort. I couldn’t have picked a better place to start my college life.”​​


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