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Honors Students Awarded for Excellence in Research

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A record seventy-five Irvine Valley College students presented their research at the Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC) Student Research Conference held on April 6, 2019 at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). IVC students took home several of the conference’s top awards, including Outstanding Abstract, Exemplary Achievement, UCI Undergraduate Research Opportunities Project Grant, and poster award.

“Curiosity is at the crux of research," said Sofia Albofathi, IVC student and Outstanding Abstract awardee. “I am passionate about the classics, and my project, which investigated similarities between Ancient Greek and Achaemenid (Persian) myths, reflected this passion.”

The 19th annual conference featured 350 students from community colleges all across the state. Among the 32 colleges represented, IVC had the largest number of student researchers, who presented on topics including anthropology, biology, business, computer science, economics, gender studies, health sciences, literature, mathematics, political science, psychology, and sociology.

“Participation in undergraduate research is a powerful resumé booster that can help students gain lab positions or scholarships after transfer as well as preparing them for their upper-division classwork," said Kay Ryals, Honors Program Director. “I am very proud of all of the student presenters for taking the initiative to pursue research and present their results in this stimulating academic forum.”

This multidisciplinary conference showcases outstanding faculty-mentored research by students from California community colleges, with a focus on Honors Program students.

Catherine Vu, whose project received Outstanding Abstract Award, appreciated the opportunity to dive deeply into a 200-year-old text through her research.

“My research allowed me to…see how literature connects to humanity," said Vu. “By conducting my research, as well as forming a cohesive and compelling abstract with the guidance of Professor Lewis Long and Dr. Ryals, I truly grew more as a student. I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that research and the HTCC Conference have given me.”

The opportunity for students to both conduct research and present it at a conference is not an opportunity frequently afforded to undergraduates, especially at the community college level. The conference also affords community college students the opportunity to make connections across campuses and learn from each other.

“Participating in the conference was one of the best experiences of my academic career,” said IVC Student Nicole Clayton, who presented a poster at the conference. “Being able to share the hard work I put into researching something important to me, as well as working under my mentor's guidance and kindness, has provided me with an invaluable learning experience that I will keep with me forever.”

Irvine Valley College HTCC Awardees

Outstanding Abstract Awards: Among the five awards presented for best research abstract, two were awarded to IVC students. They will receive $500 and publication of their research abstracts in the HTCC’s Building Bridges publication:

  • Sofia Albofathi (Faculty Mentor: Chris Loeffler)
    Cut from the Same Cloth: A Comparative Study on the Ancient Greek and Achaemenid Heroic Archetype
  • Catherine Vu (Faculty Mentor: Lewis Long)
    ‘Misery Made Me a Fiend’: Shelley's Frankenstein and The Cycle of Violence

UCI Grant Awards: These awards, presented by UCI’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Project (UROP), recognize outstanding research by students intending to transfer to UCI. The abstracts will be published in Building Bridges, and UROP will provide $500 to fund the students’ research after transfer. IVC students received two of the four awarded grants:

  • Alicia Wells (Co-Presenter Parsa Riaza; Faculty Mentor Benjamin Mis)
    Cognitive Overload: Utilizing EEG to Measure Cognitive Workload Related to Mathematical Instruction
  • Anife Nuriieva (Faculty Mentor: Kari Tucker-McCorkhill)
    Relationship Between Academic Success and Personality Traits

Third-place Social Sciences Poster ($100):

  • Daniel Ivashin (Faculty Mentor: Rachael Collins)
    The Evolving Battle with Genetic Discrimination

HTCC Exemplary Achievement Awards: Two students were honored for exceptional achievement in the IVC Honors Program and received a $200 prize:

  • Eliza Nguyen
  • Catherine Vu

Faculty members who mentored the student projects include: Brittany Adams, Patricia Bellas, Michael Cassens, Terry Chatkupt, Rachael Collins, Mark Collinson, Bill Etter, Stephen Felder, Sanjai Gupta, Diana Hurlbut, Joon Kil, Emily Liu, Chris Loeffler, Chan Loke, Lewis Long, Kurt Meyer, Benjamin Mis, Lan Pham, Jerry Rudmann, Virginia Shank, Jodi Titus, Kari Tucker-McCorkhill, and Richard Zucker.

Irvine Valley College Research Presentations

Sofia Abolfathi, Cut from the Same Cloth: A Comparative Study on the Ancient Greek and Achaemenid Heroic Archetype

Carmen Aguilar, Self-esteem and Communication Skills within Asian and non-Asian Cultures

Mustafa Ahmedani, Brexit: An Inter and Intra-UK Analysis of the Secession

Yasmeen Allie, The Mediterranean Nightmare: How the Genetic Basis of Familial Mediterranean Fever Results in a Lifetime of Physical Detriments

Samikshaya Ananthakrishnan, Fitting Distributions to Datasets

Zoya Ansari, Modern Taxation without Representation

Nikta Arianpour, Investigating Truman’s Decision: Factors behind the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945

Simren Bajaj, Integration, Not Isolation: Why A Culture Change Is Needed to Solve the Solitary Confinement Problem

Andrew Bhanubandh, Should Germline Gene Editing be Pursued?

Ashley Butler, Munir Ahmadi, and Kristine Cui, Autism in Colors

Spencer Chok and Aysia Buendia, College: The Great Balancing Act

Jewel Chu, The Effects of the Underdeveloped Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program on Food Insecurity in the United States

Spencer Churchill, Music of the Storms: Enhanced Analysis of Hurricanes through Musical Sonification

Nicole Clayton, Dying to Be Thin: A Look into Tumblr’s Proana Community and How to Address It

Jasmine Cortez, Self-Other Agreement: Appreciation, Social Support, and Life

Angela Dao, Uber vs. The Taxi Industry: Uber's Business Model Allows for Greater Profitability

Rommel Escalante, Understanding Student Success

Lior Flint and Jasmin Navarrete, Student Success is College Success: Engaging the First-Generation College Student

Rachel Gauron and Carolyn Mojica, Personality Accuracy: Judgments of Oneself in relation to the Judgments of Close Other

Gabriella Hernandez, The Effects of Colonization: How American Immigration Policies are Inherently Racist

Gabriella Hernandez, Nathania Hang, and Zara Ahmed, From Life-Saving to Life-Taking: How Patient Characteristics and Type of Healthcare Setting Contribute to Misprescription and Misuse of Antibiotics

Daniel Ivashin, The Evolving Battle with Genetic Discrimination

Karan Kassen, Why China Should Join the CPTPP

Joseph Kim, The Dark Realities of Law School

Kyla Kim, Cute Aggression: Discovering the Relationship between Dimorphous Expression and Emotional Regulation

Lauren (Hyunmin) Lee and Erin (Ronghe) Wang, The Key to Human Intelligence: The Role of the SRGAP2 Gene in Human Brain's Evolutionary Plasticity

Paul (In Hwan) Lee, Startup Cash Flow: Accounts Receivable Liquidation Management

Melissa Melgoza, The Relationship between Social Media and Self-Esteem

Annie Meraj, The Negative Impacts of Marijuana on the Adolescent Brain

Ashley Ngo, Tracking Eye Gaze Behavior and Static Images

Kevin Nguyen and Allison Chu, The Efficiency of Virtual Reality Exercise

Dakota Niemann, German Strategies of Extermination in Namibia: The Herero-Nama Genocide, 1904-1907

Carissa Nihart, Invisible Pain: The Ramifications of Sexual Harassment

Anife Nuriieva, Relationship Between Academic Success and Personality Traits

Benjamin Pearson, The Legal and Moral Quagmire of Sanctuary Cities

Eric (Shang Hsuan) Peng, Brain (Po Jen) Su, and Eric (Younghwan) Youn, Trim down Information!

Alesh Polivka, Embryonic Stem Cells and Frankenstein

Neda Pourhassan and Matthew Rosborough, Examining the Dynamic between Ethnolinguistic Association and Implicit Prejudice

Maansi Rathod and Kathleen Stephen, The Impacts of the Lack of Sleep on Health and Cognitive Capacities

Jacob Rich, Cognitive Effects on Academic Performance

Paige Sciumbato, Kajsa Sibley, and Lidia McCarter, Creation and Use of a New Interpersonal Communication Measure

Mikael Smith, Finland's NATO Question: Neutrality in a Polarized Europe

Grace Snider, Mass Hysteria: The Psychiatric Oppression of Women During the 19th and 20th Centuries

Dara (Anh) Tran, A Space for Everyone: An Economic and Environmental Analysis of How Current and Future Generations Can Afford and Manage Space Exploration

Natalie Tucker, The Examination of Accuracy in Personality Judgments and Its Relationship to Perceived Closeness

Jocelyn Velazquez, Madalyn Newman, and Alyssa Amirault, Music Can Make You Hotter? The Presence of Music Influences Arousal and Aggression

Catherine Vu, ‘Misery Made Me a Fiend’: Shelley's Frankenstein and The Cycle of Violence

Arabella Watkins, The Frequency of Non-Literal Language Among Children of Different Socioeconomic Statuses

Alicia Wells and Parsa Riazi, Cognitive Overload: Utilizing EEG to Measure Cognitive Workload Related to Mathematical Instruction

Nicholas Wolf, The Examination of the Relationships among Appreciation, Gratitude, and Happiness

Ryan Yu and Audrey Silva, The Threat of Technological Singularity: Avoiding a Technological Apocalypse

Fatimah Zanana, Jamie Dela Cruz, and Lian Koren, Utilitarian Moral Judgment: Measuring Vagal Tones and Decision-Making in Stressful Situations

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