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Model United Nations Awarded Outstanding Delegation in New York

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The Irvine Valley College Model United Nations (MUN) won an Outstanding Delegation, the conference's top honor, in addition to six oustanding position papers and two committee awards at the competitive National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference held in New York from April 14-18, 2019.

The IVC team placed in the top five percent at the conference, which had 130 colleges and over 3,000 students from across the globe in attendance and was one of only two community colleges that earned the top award.

The student team represented Sri Lanka and spent weeks in extensive research in preparation for the conference. Given the tragedy in Sri Lanka that happened just days later, the honors received were even more meaningful for the team.

Zoya Ansari is a political science major in her second competition in Model U.N.

“Spending the last two semesters studying Sri Lanka has allowed me develop a greater understanding of the richness of its people,” Zoya said. “I came to appreciate the great strides the small island has made to address climate resilience and post-conflict reconstruction. It also made the tragedy over Easter weekend more painful, and the need for global action to address terrorism more pressing.”

Students also developed position papers on key issues such as affordable energy, human trafficking, education to prevent extremism, and the role of youth in addressing climate change. Their efforts were rewarded, as they took home an impressive six outstanding position paper honors.

For efforts at the conference, IVC students also received two outstanding delegate in committee awards, selected by a vote of the delegates.

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“Our impressive showing at NMUN reflects on the potential of students at the college,” said Faculty Advisor Shirin Sahani. “While the recognition of excellence bestowed by the awards is a great honor, the real reward lies in the personal and academic growth opportunities that this unique conference provides.”

While in New York, student delegates engaged in diplomacy in the seats where world leaders have sat. At the United Nations headquarters, the conference simulated the workings of the actual U.N., advocating and negotiating for the interests of their country, as well as engaging with over 3,000 students from 30 different countries. Working across cultural and linguistic differences, the students experienced an unparalleled multicultural learning opportunity.

Since its founding, Model United Nations at IVC has provided over 1,000 students with skills such as diplomacy, negotiation, public speaking, research, writing, and multi-cultural competency. Model U.N. alumni have transferred to top public colleges and ivy league schools across the nation and have earned coveted scholarships including the Fulbright.

IVC’s 2019 National Model United Nations Awards

  • Outstanding Delegations 
  • Outstanding Position Paper in Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations 
  • Outstanding Position Paper in COP (Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  •  Outstanding Position Paper in ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific)
  • Outstanding Position Paper in General Assembly Second Committee
  • Outstanding Position Paper in General Assembly Third Committee
  • Outstanding Position Paper in World Health Organization
  • Outstanding Delegate in ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific)
  • Outstanding Delegate in General Assembly First Committee ​

The following students participated in the conference:

  • Alexis Andersen
  • Zoya Ansari
  • Carey Aoki
  • Zachary Durkee
  • Taylor Fairless
  • Jacob Holiday
  • Connelley Huemmer
  • Jio Lee
  • Catherine Lerch
  • Nader Mehrdadi
  • Samantha Moore
  • Saja Nasrula
  • Juan Topete
  • Ashley Tran
  • Gregory Shen
  • Kyana Taban ​

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