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IVC Opens New Lactation Pod for Breastfeeding Moms


Breastfeeding can be challenging. Pumping breastmilk while away from a child takes time, energy, and a safe, comfortable space with access to electricity.

This week, IVC installed a Mamava lactation pod in room 107 in the library, providing nursing moms a place to breastfeed or pump while on campus.

The lactation pods have recently been appearing in public spaces such as hospitals, airports and train stations, as well as offices. The freestanding lactation pod comes equipped with two benches, occupancy-activated lighting, a fold-down table and mirror, ceiling vents and exhaust fan, power outlets and USB ports for plugging in a breast pump and charging electronic devices.


“We want to make sure we’re supporting moms on their breastfeeding journey,” said Assistant Dean of Health, Wellness & Veterans Nancy Montgomery. “Breastfeeding can be overwhelming and this is one way we can make things easier for our students and employees to have access to a comfortable and private place to nurse or pump breastmilk on campus.”

The new lactation room in the library, replaces the previous lactation space in the A 100 building, and adds a sink and comfortable seating outside of the pod for moms waiting to access the space, or preparing or cleaning pump parts.

Open to both employees and students, the lactation pod and room are available on a first-come, first-served basis, but can accommodate more than one mom at a time. Moms who wish to make use of the space can request access at the circulation or reference desks at the library and will be provided the code upon request. ​


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