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IVC Alliance with Justice: Message from IVC Administration

Dear IVC Family: 

Irvine Valley College is committed to inclusion. We are committed to equity. We are committed to justice. So, too, we recognize our responsibility to actively carry out these commitments.

As individuals and as members of this campus community, we embrace and join those calling for justice in the killings of Breonna Taylor who was at home in bed in Louisville, Ahmaud Arbery who was jogging in Georgia, and George Floyd who was a patron in Minneapolis. Along with so many others, we call for critical change to stop all senseless acts. Bias, prejudice, discrimination and the violence they foment and breed must be replaced with fair-mindedness, empathy, and equity.

As an institution, we know that we have a responsibility to be a place of high expectations and essential values, and the wisdom and fortitude necessary to put our best into action. These are essential antidotes to the indifferent violence perpetrated on Ms. Taylor, Mr. Arbery, Mr. Floyd and every other person subjected to such acts. 

Part of our place in the world is to call out, repair, and ideally prevent hate, indifference, and micro- and macroaggressions. IVC’s recent and ongoing resources include the new Office of Student Life and Equity, our Coordinator of Equity Programs, our Student Equity Plan, our Student Equity and Achievement Program, and our Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative grant addressing multiple matters of diversity and inclusion. We are committed to caring, informed, proactive, inclusion-based programs, services and campus climate. Nothing less will do because anything less would disregard our clear responsibility and substantial ability to do the right thing. 

As a campus community, we believe in, embrace, and act on the power of enlightened education to bring about positive change, including informed and compassionate individuals who work to make themselves and others party to our highest ideals rather than our lowest possibilities. We will provide members of the campus community with virtual and other resources for discussing what is happening, expressing our feelings, sharing our hopes and fears, developing our individual and collective wisdom, and creating paths forward for restorative justice. Refer to the 
Student Equity at IVC site for upcoming resources. Also, please read a letter sent to students from the Associated Students of IVC (ASIVC) regarding George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.  ​

The IVC community stands firmly together against all acts of injustice, inequity, and racism while also standing solidly opposed to acts that take the focus away from essential change, including those resulting in violence and the destruction of property.
We raise our voices with all of those demanding an end to the injustices and we are insisting on individual, institutional, corporate, and national righteousness. Use your power individually and collectively to organize, to vote, to create the change we need in this country to eradicate racism, bigotry, and injustice, once and for all. 

At IVC, we remain committed to pursuing the truth and understanding necessary to develop the empathy, insight, and strength necessary to overcome. We are IVC and we stand with each and every member of the IVC campus community in these pursuits. 

Cindy Vyskocil, EdD
Acting President 


Davit Khachatryan 
Vice President for College Administrative Services 


Christopher McDonald, EdD
Vice President for Instruction


Stephen Johnson, EdD
Interim Vice President for Student Services


June McLaughlin
Academic Senate President
(On behalf of the Academic Senate)


Scott Kennedy
Interim Chief of Police


Amy Hunter
Classified Senate President
(On behalf of the Classified Senate)


Scott Ferguson-Greene
President, CSEA


Lewis Long
President, Faculty Association

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