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Marketing and Creative Services

Starting Your Project

Don’t know where to start?

If you are not sure of your project needs, please email or call 949-451-5426.

Know what you need?

  • For marketing, graphics, design, signage, writing, editing or photography, submit a request here.
  • For video, web or social media requests, please send an email outlining your request to the following:

Next steps

Large-scale projects may require a project kick-off meeting.

If a meeting is not required, your request will be routed to the appropriate MCS staff member(s) for completion.

If a meeting is required, our experts will meet with you to determine your project’s scope, audience, timeline, creative direction and budget. We will then guide you through each step.

Helpful Questions to Consider

To help your project be successful, consider the following before contacting MCS:

  • What is your timeline? In other words, when do you need to have your project in hand, or what promotional period are you considering? Please remember to allow appropriate time for projects to be completed. MCS serves the entire college; if there is a backlog of requests, or requests are made at certain busy times of year, a longer timeline may be required. Smaller projects may be turned around more quickly. If you have a last-minute need, or don’t know how much time your project will take, try contacting us before creating your own materials; we strive to meet your needs to the best of our ability.
  • Which services will you need? For example, for a new program, will you need someone to design an ad, brochure, or flyer? Photography of students for a new brochure? A website about your program? Social media posts notifying the public about it? Will you need someone to write the brochure content, or to proofread/edit the content you provide? Someone to record a class lecture?
  • What is your overall budget, for services that require an outside printer or other vendor?